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Stand with your employees in their most challenging moments, and create a more resilient organization in the process.

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As employers rethink their relationships with their employees, bereavement care is long overdue for an overhaul. Millions of employees every year are in a crisis of attention, time, and energy as they deal with loss. That’s why we developed this comprehensive guide to bereavement care: where we are now, and where things should go.

Here’s what you’ll learn about in our Bereavement Care Guide:

The steep challenges employees face after a loss.
How to address “grief illiteracy” in the workplace.
How to make their return to work as seamless as possible.
The solutions that help the individual—and the whole organization.
Actionable steps to create a smart, effective policy that addresses your team’s specific needs. 
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The Bereavement Handbook

A five-chapter guide to helping an employee through loss, from the initial conversation to their return from leave.
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How loss impacts your entire workforce

Watch our webinar for insights from industry leaders and grief experts to learn how to create a culture of care within your organization.
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The Cost of Dying Report

To help understand the true burden imposed by loss in money, lost time, poorer health, damaged productivity and lowered job security. 
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